Enable or Disable Automatic Driver Updates On Windows 10

With a free graphics driver update, you can get a speed boost, fix problems, and get new features, all while keeping your graphics drivers up to date. If the correct driver is not installed, the device may perform poorly. Because the device’s manufacturer will update the driver once a new game is released, it is critical to update drivers after the game is released.

You’re in control of which of the drivers will be installed on your computer, and which ones you’d rather skip. Updating drivers can also allow your OS to take advantage of newer software, unlocking the potential of your hardware. A driver update can optimize the hardware for more recent apps, like later versions of Adobe Photoshop or popular new games. When you double-click on any of the devices in this list, its properties window will open. You can select the Driver tab to see its driver version, manually update the device driver, and even roll back the driver to a previous version. This post shows where to download drivers for Windows 11/10 from the official manufacturer’s websites.

Manually Update Your Printer Drivers

You may need to restart your PC after the installation. Your device manufacturer is likely going to have different versions of the graphics card driver on their website. You can roll back GPU drivers by checking your manufacturer’s support website. The software versions will be listed as current and previous or other versions.

  • And like other pieces of software, they occasionally need to be updated.
  • If it works, you can stop reading here, if not you can continue.
  • Windows has even defined driver update software as potentially unwanted programs .
  • Keeping them updated is critical for ensuring that your device runs smoothly and that programs, apps, and accessories don’t experience problems.

As a result, if you want to play a new game, you should upgrade your drivers. If you’re using the most recent drivers, you’ll have a fantastic gaming experience. SlimDrivers is a free driver updater and backup tool for Windows 7 and above. It not only scans your device to look for outdated and non-functioning Rocketdrivers drivers… There are times when you need to update a device such as a graphics card that Windows Update won’t cover.